Monday, March 31, 2008


Bircan Arslan (Yeşilköy)
Her three children - all their problems to be solved.

Kaptac family (Yeşilköy)For their health, blessing, financial spiritual blessing, for their salvation.

Coshkun Kaptac (Yeşilköy)
For his health and peace and his financial situation.

Yusuf Kaptatch (Yeşilköy)
For his soul and body to find healing for all physical and spiritual problems.

Ilyana (Yeşilköy)

That her spirit and body would find healing. For her work, marriage and school life.

Nedim and Izabel (Yeşilköy)
That they would be happy and have a peace.
That they would have a child and for their family's strengthening.

Guler Moripek (Yeşilköy)
Spiritual blessing and health, for solving of all problems.

Moripek family (Yeşilköy)

For the young people and elders and all the Moripek family.

Anonymous (Yeşilköy)

For our Theater play so we all could play well.

Anonymous (Yeşilköy)
For Banu: She is searching, we want her to be a real believer in Jesus Christ.

Anonymous (Yeşilköy)

For the economic situation in Turkey, for unemployment.

Anonymous (Yeşilköy)
For the Gold price go down so we could pay our debts .

Anonymous (Yeşilköy)

For Atam and Artun so they would find truth and rest in the Lord, so Lord would solve their marriage problems, also bless their work.