Thursday, February 28, 2008

Scott Desmarais (Webster, MA)
His wife Christine, newborn daughter juliana, and two year old son Camden. For his business - Pine Farm Landscaping - blessing and wisdom for how to do the things God has put in his heart.

Joe Murphy (York, PA)
In a deep season of searching for God’s perfect will, and guidance for his life. Also requests that God would send laborers of love to Indonesia!

Sarah Tanguay (Istanbul,Turkey)
For a healthy pregnancy & for the baby’s health. Wisdom in getting right care in Istanbul. Financial assistance for the birth in the States- Sept 18th and future. That the morning sickness would be light so she can enjoy her time in Istanbul.

Umid (Istanbul,Turkey)
That his residency papers go through quickly, so that his wife and two children can move here very soon! Covering for him and his family while they are apart.

P. Dwight Allshouse (Philadelphia, PA)
Philadelphia church- 4th year anniversary, Weekly Bible study at drug recovery home in Kensington (30 Men). Oscar – spiritual hunger to draw closer to God, protection. Please pray for my nephew Matthew Christopher Allshouse:He is in the hospital. He had a shunt put in last week and a staff infection has set in. Please pray that God will touch him and heal him.

Heath Meikle (Greece)
Has a fellow missionary in Greece whose 22 year old sister just died in a car accident.

Mark Knowles (Baltimore, MD)
Blessings in studying the word, and summertime transportation provision.

Ulla Larson (Baltimore, MD)
Waiting for her papers to allow her to go back to Sweden to be with her elderly parents. God’s perfect plan!

GGWO EASTER PLAY( (Hamden & Silver Spring, MD)
Please pray for the cast: Barb Hill, Kimmy Jones, Meagan Knight, Mindy Rollins, Tony Slocumb, Dave Ryan, Rene Caron, Lana Raferty, Heidi Anderson & Sandra Tamara. Also pray for the Directors: Pastor Knight, Dan Dunbar & Jennifer Knight. We had our first rehearsal last night and we have 24 days till our first performance! Go God!!!!!!!

Johny V's Friends & Family (Everywhere)
Thoughts & encouragement from God, spiritual strengthening! Great testimonies and great things taking place in our hearts, minds, spirits, and lives as we think of what a great friend and man of God he was.

Ilhan (Istanbul)
Just received Christ. For blessing, covering, spiritual life, and that he'd stay in touch with us. Plays guitar, that he could be part of our church band.

Hayley Tanguay (Baltimore, MD)
Jed’s sister. The perfect nanny job and God’s leading and blessing!